Jeanne Patrick

“I called six Ohio lawyers. I chose Karen Poling.

Why? Unlike the others, she related to me as a human being with a problem, rather than a talking wallet. She asked questions; she listened; and she analyzed.

Undoubtedly, Ms. Poling was looking for a solution for me, one that would best solve my problem and minimize my loss. Knowing that my apprehension lessened. My belief in her was not misplaced.

Her comprehensive knowledge of the law and, more specifically, family law helped me avoid legal pitfalls that would have been likely had I gone with another lawyer.

Two different times she led me in a direction I hadn’t anticipated. And, two different times her guidance was spot on. She delivered.

My problem was solved in the best possible way.

My loss was minimized. In summary, I am happy to offer Ms. Karen Poling my sincere thanks for all the effort and expertise she employed on my behalf.”


Jeanne Patrick

Humble, TX

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