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family and employment law

We focus on the things that matter to you.

Peace of mind.

Our only goal is to help you achieve the best resolution for your situation.

Freedom of choice.

We make sure you understand your options so that you can make the best possible choices.

Family values.

There are many definitions of family, and we help you protect what is important to you.


We are always on your side, and we strive to maximize your security and your options.

We won't take your case if we don't believe we can help you.
The decision to take legal action is often very emotional and the process can seem overwhelming. We take your concerns very seriously and we will candidly, and expertly, review your options with you. more
What do I need to know before we start?
The decision to take legal action is often the last resort. It’s always best to review the situation carefully and bring all of the details to your first meeting with your lawyer. more
When you need more than a lawyer.
Often, resolution of legal issues requires experts in other fields. We can advise you and recommend a wide variety of subject matter experts that you can trust to safeguard your interests and your privacy. Many of our professional partners will meet with you in our offices and at your convenience. more
What can I do to better understand my options before I engage a lawyer?
There are a lot of resources that are available online or through your local library. We believe that an educated client always has a better chance of a successful resolution, and we are happy to offer some links to get you started. more